Swift Baronette 4 Berth Caravan,part Ex Possible

Hi, After 3 years of owning we are not looking for a newer maybe slightly bigger caravan. We bought a small 2 berth caravan about 4 years ago to see if we liked going away and this soon had to be sold to upgrade and upsize as we wanted to go away more. So we bought this caravan. It has had some work done on it and we can use it perfectly fine. We rely mainly on electric hook up as have never used the oven in it, we have always used a multi cooker/microwave etc (not included) it has a water heater under the seat which has also never been used due to the fact it being an older caravan we didnt want to risk having gas so opted for all electric. We removed the old gas radiator also and have a oil filled radiator in there or convector heater when we go away in the winter. With regards to the toilet it has a camping style toilet which you need to take the middle bucket out and empty, it dosent drain to an outside tank. The taps work fine with the electric pump it came with. We normally use showers on site but when we have used the shower i used a small electric heating element to heat the water in the bucket outside and used the shower as normal. Everything drained and worked fine. Does have a spongy floor but unsure why as it has never…

Current Price: £900.00

This Swift Baronette 4 Berth Caravan,part Ex Possible is being sold on eBay by d21fta_87 from Rushden, NN10 ***