2001 Swift Charisma 220 2 Birth Caravan

2001 Swift Charisma 220 2 birth caravan

good points recently tested

Has full 10 year service history stamps see photos

All 12v electrical system in including exterior lighting, tail
lights. battery and charger ok

All 240v electrical system and appliances including fridge,
water heater ok

All tires including spare hold pressure at 38 psi. n/s wheel
has new valve stem

All cupboards and doors and blinds ok

Has all accessories two water cans, water pump, power cable,
waste pipe and tools see photos

Faults/points to note

The gas system which is butane (blue cylinders) is untested
but the cooker did work when last used. the gas cylinder regulator has a new
rubber seal.

The electrical heating system is working but the rotary knob
for the temp control is missing, it is currently set to 35c. The heat can be controlled
by using power switch 500w 1000w 1500w settings see photo

N/S tail cracked but repaired (glued)

There is a small 10mm hole is interior wall which is hidden
by seating

The seating is showing signs of ware

The skylight has one damaged latch the other ok

One of the roof vents is missing a plastic pin/screw and was
replaced with steel screw

One of the front windows has a broken window stay

The dining table is missing


Current Price: £1500.00

This 2001 Swift Charisma 220 2 Birth Caravan is being sold on eBay by from , CH2***