Vintage Retro Sprite 400 Caravan

Ok, so for sale is our Sprite 400 Caravan which I believe was manufactured around 1985. I am also led to believe there were only 500 of these made. The Sprite 400 was designed to be towed by smaller family cars such as the Volkswagen Beetle. Originally launched in 1960 it went through several incarnations until being withdrawn in 1976 but made a brief reappearance in 1985, the one we have is the model that made this reappearance in 1985.These small Vintage Retro Caravans are really popular. They are lightweight and great if tents aren’t quite your thing but neither is a giant caravan the size of a bus. Pretty much anything could to this. Some people have done them up tolook absolutely amazing, if this is what you like to do then it would be easy to put you own stamp on it without having to doWhen we purchased it there were some rust holes on the rear around the lights and also around the edges on the sides in places. So I had to repair these properly which was…

Current Price: £1000.00

This Vintage Retro Sprite 400 Caravan is being sold on eBay by legendaust1975 from Whittlesey, PE7 ***