Eriba “puck” Small Touring Caravan

* This  Eriba “Puck” is the most compact of all their models, and has proven to be particularly versatile, nimble and manoeuvrable of any caravan I ever owned. * Extremely well built onto a Strong Galvanized Chassis & Marine Ply Floor,  the exterior Panels are Aluminium mounted onto a rigid tubular Steel frame, with no corrosion or deterioration        throughout.  The upper body panels are sound with only limited very minor, unnoticeable surface scuffs. The ‘Pop-Up’ roof is rigid white GRP, giving very adequate standing room, and a        perfect weather seal when towing and erected on site. Calor Gas is stored in the lockable ‘Binnacle’ at the front, alongside the long extension lead for Mains Electrical Hook-up.* Easy to move single handed, it is well balanced and is very straightforward to position in tight spaces, and level the corner stabilisers. * Towing is ideal for smaller cars and being quite narrow does not prevent good rear vision ( extended wing mirrors unnecessary).  Compact and streamlined, it is very fuel efficient,                   returning near normal MPG.  ( currently towed by a classic Merc Estate, barely noticeable when driving along).* Rear Road  & Side Lights have been professionally upgraded to Failsafe LED units, much neater and more reliable than the original screw in bulbs.* Three good tyres on smart wheels with Lockable Nuts & Wheel Clamp.  Lockable ‘Hitch Clamp’.  There are two Interior…

Current Price: £1800.00

This Eriba “puck” Small Touring Caravan is being sold on eBay by padraig48 from Altrincham, WA15 ***