Elddis Wisp 450eb Supreme 4 Berth Caravan

                 Elddis Wisp 450EB Supreme 1993 4 Berth Caravan Reason
for selling is we now have a static caravan. Last time we used it
was the beginning of this year.What needs doing-It has had water damage (before we bought it) which has
effected the front end inside (see pics). Before we bought it 4 years
ago there had been a leak and to fix this the windows (which have some
cracks in them around handles) were sealed up by the previous owners so
they don’t open (all other windows work as they should). We have used it
in huge downpours and never noticed any water ingress anywhere. However
the floor at the front on one side is now damp and the front bulkhead
inside has been effected by water before we owned it and the chipboard
is what i would call blown in places. From the roof down to the floor
there doesn’t seem to of been water come in since we’ve owned it but as
stated there is now damp/moisture, just not sure where its come from.Due
to someone desperate to steal cutlery and plastic crockery the front
door trim has some damage (see pics) but locks fine with the key and
shuts as it should. Bottom part of door replaced hence different colour.
This all happened with previous owners and has been fine for us
throughout the 4 years we have used it. Front box doesn’t lock and leaks, never been a problem for…

Current Price: £1.20

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