2 Berth Elddis Caravan

I bought this little caravan with a friend 7 years ago with the intention of repairing and renovating her to become a small travelling tea and cake shop as I own a small baking business. Unfortunately my lovely friend emigrated to Canada, leaving this little old lady on my drive where she has subsequently been used (and partly destroyed by the little monsters) as a den/playhouse/hideyhole for my children. I know nothing about her, aside from she belonged to a gent who sat in her on rainy days to have a cuppa while working as a mechanic. She’s an Elddis, seventies I believe but I don’t know the model. We can’t find any serial number on the chassis or A-Frame. I have photographed the markings and badges we’ve found but don’t know how useful they’d be in identifying her. She’s now in a very sorry state of disrepair and would need lots of love, time and cash to restore her to any of her former glory. She’s been bone dry up until last winter, but is clearly letting in water on one side as you can see from the photos of the seating and the carpet is quite wet too. This may be more to do with the slow destruction of the window seals, frames and locks by my offspring, allowing rainwater to be blown in over time though. Lots of surface rust but still pretty solid underneath. Window and door locks, arms and seals have gone…

Current Price: £50.00

This 2 Berth Elddis Caravan is being sold on eBay by thegoose79 from Bridgend, CF31 ***