2004 Compass Omega 505 /5 Berth Caravan

2004 COMPASS OMEGA 505 /5 BERTH CARAVAN,SELLING AS SPARES OR REPAIR OR CAMPER CONVERSION OR GOOD TO BRAKE TO EARN SOME CASH !!THIS CARAVAN HAS LEFT HAND SIDE FIRE DAMAGE , LOOKS TO ME ITS BEEN NEXT TO A FORM OF HEAT AS ITS ONLY OUTSIDE DOOR SIDE DAMAGE !!Mass in Running Order weight: 1255 kgs or 24.7037518208 cwt / hundred weighthe internal length of the caravan is 5.344 metres or 17.52832 feetThe external shipping length is 7.055 meters or 23.1404 feetThe width is 2.148 meters or 7.04544 feetInside the caravan is rough also as seen in pictures , no keys sorry  i have cris checked the caravan and all clean no reports or insurance issues at all ..front drops to a double bed rear drops to a double with bunk above, kitchen is how it is in pictures apart from sink glass that’s been broken by myself sorry , bathroom is missing sink  the rest is in there ..outside is as you can see bad on one side the rest is ok alloy wheels etc , she tows fine i towed her 70 miles and ok

Current Price: £3.20

This 2004 Compass Omega 505 /5 Berth Caravan is being sold on eBay by bargainsales0121 from TELFORD , TF13***