Lunar Chateau 400 Caravan (2004)

Unfortunately our lovely little 2004 Lunar Chateau 400 has
developed a damp issue under the door over the past year or two – hence the low starting bid. It doesn’t smell at all and is as bright and fresh inside as it always
was. The issue came to light when we had it serviced last year (see photos for
details). Rain water had trickled into a tiny crack in door frame seal and
around a square foot of floor as you enter is soft / damaged. I’m told it has
spread a foot or two either side of the door and up the side in the bathroom. I’ve
re-sealed and don’t think rain is getting in now. If you can’t fix it yourself
it could be completely professionally renewed, or just patched up / part
repaired (the van is perfectly usable, everything else seems to work – I’d go
for the latter if I had the time).

Other than that it’s a lovely, sunny, super-lightweight little van and we had
many a great family holiday in it. I’ve just done a quick check of the lights, heater,
pump, gas and water heater. All seem OK but whoever buys should get a service
/safety check as it has been a year since the last one. There are a few niggles
to do with consumables: several broken plastic window catches need replacing (a
cheap easy job), fly screen mesh in…

Current Price: £1800.00

This Lunar Chateau 400 Caravan (2004) is being sold on eBay by seerkind from Caerphilly, Caerphilly, CF83***