Bailey Unicorn

This is our 2019 Bailey Unicorn which is in Immaculate condition inside and out.We purchased this van last year with the intention of stepping up our 2021 exploits into camping, (we had been 3 times in our airframe tent and decided to make the step up).Having not had the opportunity to use the van yet, thereby not disappointing our 2 children too much, we have made the difficult decision to let someone else enjoy it.The decision to sell the van is down to numerous things, but these are the main ones…1. We have a small child with a visual impairment and we feel that the space will simply be too restrictive for him.2. Finding a storage space locally has been almost impossible.3. We have realised that we actually quite like the tenting aspect of camping, and as we would have to sell all of the camping gear we bought in 2020, that would represent a massive loss in secondhand sale value.The van………..She has just undergone the 100+ multi point service check by a Bailey approved service engineer and passed with…

Current Price: £19999.00

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