Bailey Ranger 2000 510/4 Caravan

Bailey Ranger 2000 510/4 Caravan.A well loved caravan that has served my family for many years. It is now time for another family to make some great family memories!Given that the van is growing older, it does have the odd quirks and love bumps, but there is still plenty of life left it for you and your family! The main thing is that I have changed the fridge to mains only!Fairly new battery and electrics. The boiler was replaced around 5 years ago!The van is currently in Pembrokeshire and hasn’t been towed for around 5 years so would recommend getting a service done before towing!It has a full size awning that will come with it as well as aqua roll and hook up etc to get you going straight away!Thanks for looking and I’m happy to answer any questions.

Current Price: £2500.00

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