Avondale Landranger 6400 Millennium

Avondale Landranger millennium edition.Needs a bit of love. There’s a few bits that need repairing as pictured. Water heater, fridge, oven, sink, gas heater and electrics inside all work fine although a few bulbs need changing. It hasn’t been moved in a few years so unsure if the exterior lights work. Kitchen sink works but bathroom isn’t plumbed in, wouldn’t take much to do I just never got round to it. Drop down bunk bed had been removed previously. Has a flat tire that I will have fixed before sale. Feel free to message if you have any questions of want to come for a viewing. Thanks 

Current Price: £1.00

This Avondale Landranger 6400 Millennium is being sold on eBay by tomber4 from southampton, so31***