Avondale Caravan

Selling on behalf of a friend: 1970’s Avondale Caravan.  I don’t know the actual date of manufacture but maybe someone can assist me on that.  The caravan has been parked in my friends garden in Hatfield for the past 12 years and before parked was used for many years of family holidays.  As it hasn’t moved for a long-time there may be issues with axle/wheels etc., although there is a spare wheel.  There may not be any issues but it would need to be checked before it was taken on a road, just want to make that clear.   Internally there is a shower, toilet cubicle and cooking facilities, heating, bunk beds and fold down table which converts into a double bed.  Despite the age of this caravan it is completely water tight and in good condition my friend has been storing clothes in it with no problem at all.  Very sadly the cottage she is living-in has been purchased for demolition and she must move out tomorrow.  I noticed the caravan and asked her what she would do with it,  ‘nothing’ was her reply and so it will be left for the developers to clear if it is not sold prior.Thank you for looking and if anyone is seriously interested please make an offer and come and collect it.  Time is obviously limited.   Could be useful as a race van for those of you that participate in such events!

Current Price: £2.20

This Avondale Caravan is being sold on eBay by promise5551 from Hatfield, Middlesex,