2003 Avondale Rialto 640-6 (6 Birth) Twin Axle With Fixed Bunks

This is a fantastic family caravan and excellent starter caravan, just in need of some TLC.I bought it two months ago for £4250 but unfortunately the seller managed to conceal a damp area under bottom bunk window. It’s relatively easy to fix and I priced up materials at under £100 but unfortunately just dont have time needed to do it.We are a family of five, 2 adults, 3 children (youngest only 5 months, hence not having the time to fix the caravan) and it suited our needs perfectly. We have been away in it a few times over the last couple of months and found it to be a perfect family caravan, there are a couple of minor faults but nothing that stops it from being enjoyedObviously the first is the damp patch, we just covered it with some vinyl wall covering (can be seen in the picture) so we could go away in it. The actual patch is about 2ft x2.5ft, would easily be covered by one new wallboard panel which we priced up at just under £50. The patch doesn’t appear to be getting any worse and there is no further water ingress from the widow (we had torrential rain for two days solid last week away in it and the inside remains completely dry)The second issue is the previous owner removed the shower and the factory…

Current Price: £2000.00

This 2003 Avondale Rialto 640-6 (6 Birth) Twin Axle With Fixed Bunks is being sold on eBay by benhibl from Brough, HU15 ***