Ace 2 Berth Caravan Spares Or Repair

spares or repair ace 2 berth caravan . the floor is slightly soft in places near the door but solid ( you can buy a kit to fix this )  the caravan is watertight . i brought this caravan as a potential project for my grandchildren as a play caravan .but lack of time prevails . the caravan could be turn into a working caravan again. as it as a carver cascade 2 water heater ( gas only )  WITH CONTROL BOX AND POWER LEAD  and it as a 3 way fridge / small freezer compartment . gas oven and gad hob/ grill ( the gas hob / grill is not fitted just needs reconnecting ) and the sink and drainer will need re fitting . the cupboards  and door s will need screwing back on  most of the fittings are all there  and the caravan lights will need fitting and will need switches for the lights  (  i have the tube lights which will come with caravan )  the front outside locker where the spare wheel is we need  two hinges  the spare where is very good condition . to sum up this is a project caravan for someone who as the time . the road lights all work o.k ( but there is a small hole near the right hand road light it was like this when i got it . ) the caravan tows o.k i towed it 22 miles at 60…

Current Price: £100.00

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