Abi Marauder Gold 3 Berth Caravan

Customised Caravan for Sale!I have owned this caravan for 2 years and I have spent many hours making it a comfortable space to holiday in.Every seam has been sealed with silicone. There isn’t a drop of water that gets in. I have tinted the window at the seating area so that there is privacy while eating. I have replaced the front seating area with a double mattress, as the original cushions aren’t very comfy to sleep on. I have built a 3 tier TV stand at the bottom of the bed, One tier includes a Samsung 5.1 Surround sound system. Which provides wireless connectivity to your phone. Speakers in the bathroom. Music while you shower!The bathroom has been fully coated in a white marble fully waterproof vinyl.Custom shower head, hot shower. It’s no power shower that you get in the house, but it’s more than capable of keeping a hot flow of water for over 15 minutes. It comes with the water drum and external pump.Electric leads for hook up to the mains are included, 5m +New gas bottle included There is underfloor heating throughout the caravan with a soundproof soft layer underneath. Which is why the vinyl flooring looks wavy. But it warms your feet and is soft to walk on. The cloakroom with wardrobes has been completely re done with dc fix vinyl and a new hard vinyl floor. All the work has been done by myself, it’s not perfect, but it’s certainly livable. It comes with everything you need to hook up…

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This Abi Marauder Gold 3 Berth Caravan is being sold on eBay by h-e-s-h from Ruthin, LL16***