Abi Marauder 500ct 4-berth Caravan Celebration Edition

Please see video link for full walk-though from when we bought it a year ago and read description below: https://youtu.be/gnDJAVVPh8EWe bought this caravan last April for my elderly parents as a backup toilet, shower and kitchen to help them isolate in case they needed it during the pandemic.  Thankfully no one needed it so it has been unused on their drive since we bought it from the caravan dealers.  When we picked up from the dealer he demonstrated everything was working eg the toilet flushed, the cooker lit, the heater came on, the sinks worked and it comes with its documentation.  It also has many accessories with it, eg cover, cables, extinguisher, frame locks etc.  We haven’t used since purchased a year ago, basically as they are vaccinated now and as none of us really know much about caravans, they feel it is time to let someone else have it who can actually enjoy using it for holidays etc. It would require immediate pickup as we need the driveway clear soon as sold.

Current Price: £750.00

This Abi Marauder 500ct 4-berth Caravan Celebration Edition is being sold on eBay by dakingj from Sudbury Hill, Middlesex,