Abi Award Northstar Twin Axle Caravan

Welcome to my listing for my 1995 ABI Award Northstar twin axle caravan.I brought the caravan around 4 years ago. I was made aware that it had a water leak when I brought it. Since I have owned it, I have fixed the leak and it is now dry inside as far as I can see.I was planning on sorting out the water marks left inside from the historical water leaks by decorating etc but I have now had a change of circumstances which has forced the sale of the caravan.This is a lovely caravan and will make somebody a great small project. It does not need a lot of work as the hard work has already been done.It toe’s great and everything works as far as I know. It is costing me money every month to store it and it has been sat for nearly 3 years unused so as my circumstances have changed, I have decided to sell it.Please see the pictures showing interior water marks left by historical water leaks that have now been repaired.The worst area is across the front upholstery.

Current Price: £1149.00

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