3/4 Berth Caravan Abi Jubilee Emperor L@@@k Cheap Be Quick

Reluctant sale due to loosing storage space and now its parked in the entrance to my workshop so has to be sold fast  hence cheap price.I brought it from my friend who needed money due to no work.It was leaking at the rear as 99% of older caravans do so I gutted the rear section, replaced the wooden framework and properly sealed it inside and out with pu sealer and re panelled it. I’m pretty sure I’ve stopped the leaks as theres been heavy downpours and I’ve been inspecting it before repanneling the inside. Plus I’ve been a bit overkill with extra reinforcement and havent skipped on sealer.It was originally a 4 berth but the top bunk was steel frame folding type and was left out while working on it and some one thought they would help themselves to it! I’ve done lots of work on it, and theres just a few things to finish off or use as is. 2 small cupboard doors are missing from above, you can get a set for 25 and retrofit or leave them as is. The little flap cover outside for the water inlet is missing but available new for a tenner. The panel for the bathroom sink is missing but I’m sure one can be obtained or made. So its sold as spares repairs.The 2 road tyres have been replaced and the spare has tread and holds air.It comes with a brand new high flow water pump and 2 new…

Current Price: £499.00

This 3/4 Berth Caravan Abi Jubilee Emperor L@@@k Cheap Be Quick is being sold on eBay by jap-trade-uk from Southampton, SO31 ***