1993-1994 Abi Marauder 380-2 Berth Caravan

NO RESERVE!!!!Here we have my 1993-1994 Abi Marauder 380-2 Berth Caravan,good condition caravan and all outside and inside lights work fine,tows really well,does have a motor mover which does work perfectly,everything on the van does work fine,all tyres on the caravan are good,couple of bad points,the motor mover does work fine but sadly we lost the remote about 2 weeks agoif i can find the remote i will give it to the buyer but if not the person who buys it will have tobuy a new motor mover controller which is like £10 of eBay ,the corners each side at the front of the van inside have gone damp the wood is still hardthere but could do with someone re wallpapering or something,floors a little spongy,£50 deposit required when item sells to the buyer!!!happy bidding!!! PLEASE DO NOT BID IF U DO NOT INTEND TO BUY!!!!

Current Price: £102.00

This 1993-1994 Abi Marauder 380-2 Berth Caravan is being sold on eBay by luk_w435674 from tewkesbury, gl20 ***