Compass Omega 460/2, 2 Berth Touring Caravan

Lovely little van taken in as a part exchange and sending straight out as is nothing done to it there is a messy bit of sealant around the top of the front centre window the owner has a leak but the rubber window seal was not attached and he sealed the wrong part this is a dry van as far as i can see and needs a good clean the front hatch locks are seized and will require replacing as the key is rusted into one of them the Chap that part exchanged this lived in it for the last 2 years on a nice site with no issues and has said it all works but again I have not got the time to test al this, I do advise Viewing if you bid you buy as simple as that, there is loads of paperwork I believe this van to be a 2000 model but again cant find the date on it and to be fair haven’t looked that hard. there is no awning  

Current Price: £1500.00

This Compass Omega 460/2, 2 Berth Touring Caravan is being sold on eBay by alan7523 from reading, rg7***