Avondale Four Berth Caravan

Avondale Four Berth Caravan.The 1997 Avondale New Leda Grampian is a 4 berth caravan perfect for families. The washroom is located in the rear of the caravan, while the spacious kitchen sits in the middle, opposite the small dinette.Single Axle caravan light to tow, its in very good condition for its age we haven’t towed with it much but have done a few trips with it and it has always towed well.Everything on the caravan works as it should, we haven’t personally towed with recently but have moved it around and it still tows well may require a service at some point. The lights all work externally they are a little dim but work. The tyres do have a few small wall cracks but this has been like it since we brought the caravan four years ago and has never caused issues. Internally the caravan is very clean no damp or damp smell.Features, built in wardrobes, bunk beds, double bed or option for table and built in chairs. Lots of storage space over the double bed, under the bed, under the bunk / seating area with table.Small kitchenette with a 240V working fridge, heating is by butane gas this caravan does not come with a bottle. All the internal lights work as the should, the blinds all work as well one has come away…

Current Price: £1959.99

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